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Your Next Stop “JANAKPUR”

Yes, Your Next Stop “JANAKPUR”.  What do we love about JANAKPUR? Is it the “Janaki Temple” comes on your mind when you hear about “Janakpur”? Let’s go back to the history and dig inside what is the historical significance value that JANAKPUR holds. Janakpur was named after king “Janak” which was his territory where he ruled as king during dwapar yug.

Your Next Stop "JANAKPUR"

Janaki aka Sita is the daughter of king Janak. During early period Janakpur was very rich with fertile soil and cultivable land where many farmers work and made living out of it. It is believed that one day while working on the farm in ploughing process a baby girl was found on king janak’s land mystically, no one ever knew how did the baby appeared on the land. King janak adopted her and raise her well and named her sita. She has been blessed with spiritual energy and mystical power, she could lift “Shiva Dhanus” playfully with her single hand which no one could even move an inch .

Later, sita got married to god ram and moved to ayodhya. This is the day we celebrate it as “Bibah Panchami” when Sita and Ram got married. We still celebrate the divine moment which reflects the religious value till today. She has a very significant role in Ramayan.

Today, we can still feel the presence and the divine aura when you enter “Janaki Mandir” in Janakpur.

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Have a gentle look at it’s historic significance values mashed up with abundant nature experience. Let us know more about this mystic land, what did you love most about Janakpur? Did you look out for mithila culture in Janakpur?

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