The Janakpurdham, an important tourist destinationof Terai plain, is located in the Dhanusha district of Janakpur within the Central Development Region. The historical town housing ancient temples, monasteries , arts and craft of numerous deities is also ragarded as an important religious centre. The town that used to be the capital of the ancients Mithila Kingdom is also home to many important pilgrimage sites. Janakpur is the birthplace of the ideal woman of all Hindus, Mother Sita, the consort of Lord Ram, the ideal man. Each and every square of the town bosts at least on diety related to the epic Ramayana, which adds to the town’s attraction. The twon named after sage king Janak has developed as an important destination for religious tourist. The numerous holy sites originating in different stages of the history have spread the fame of Janakpurdham not only within the borden on Nepal but throughout the world. The Janaki temple is regarded as the most important and popular religious site of the town.

The Huge temple resembing the Mugal palace of India has hundreds of rooms, stages. prayer rooms, store rooms and sitting rooms. The huge temple adorned with exquisite artistry never fails to astonish the visitors. Apart for the Janaki temple, the Ram Mandir, Vivaha Mandap, Janak Mandir, Lazmantemple and the sacred Sagars (Ponds) are the other important holy sites. Huge fairs are hosted here on the Ram Nawami. Vivaha panchami and Chhath festivals. Ram Nawami is the birthday of Lord Ram while the Vivaha Panchami commemorates the marriage of Lord Ram and Mother Sita. The idols of Ram and Sita are circulated around the town at the head of a procession in the Vivaha Panchami. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrimage from around Nepal and India participate in these processions and festivals every years. The religiously important ancient town has helped in spreading the grandeur of Nepal’s identity around the world.