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Things you should know before visiting Janakpur

Janakpur Dham, the birthplace of goddess Sita, is the capital of Nepal’s Dhanusa District. It is located about 123 KM southeast of Kathmandu. This place is considered as one of the holiest cities in Hinduism. If you are a travel freak we insist your next stop must be Janakpur. Before packing your bags, things you should know before visiting Janakpur.

things you should know before vising to Janakpur

1. How to reach there?

There are two options to reach Janakpur via road or air. You can take a 25 minutes flight from Kathmandu or you can go by road which is about 123 kms southeast from Kathamandu. There are various public transport or private transport available.

2. About the Weather

The weather in Janakpur is different according to different seasons. There is a warm, windy and dry climate from April to June, regular rain from July to September, cold dry season from October to January and spring from February to March. Know more about Weather in Janakpur.

3. Eat and drink

Jankapur is famous for various fish and sweetmeats. Moreover, Bhusuwa, Thakuwa, Ghugni, Rashiyaw, Panipuri, Lassi and many more are some of the famous food of Janakpur.

Things you should know before vising to Janakpur.

4. History – the birthplace of Sita

Janakpur is the birthplace of Goddess Sita, also known as Janaki. The city is full of temples and wonderful architectures from ancient times. Janaki temple is one of the major attraction along with Vivah-Mandap, the place where Ram and Sita got married.

5. Art and Culture

Mithila Arts, one of the most important component of Maithali culture, can be seen everywhere in the city from walls of houses to hotels. Mithila, the place of Maithali speaking territory of Nepal which is now known as Janakpur was a very highly educated country thousands of years ago during the period of king Janak, father of Sita.

The country was very rich in its arts and culture which was later known as Mithila Arts. Mithila Arts are paintings which are painted in paper, clothes, walls, wooden stools, leaves, bamboo and leather goods etc.

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