We at Janakpurcity.com, a blog-website operated by mYktm IT Solutions (mYktm.com.np) committed towards protecting privacy of our customers using policies regarding the collection, usage and disclosure of the information provided by the customer. By agreeing to visit janakpurcity.com you accept the terms as mentioned in this policy. Personally, identifiable information includes all information that can be used to identify a specific individual user. Information collection/ what information do we collect? On registering for the website, yourself as a premium user, and/or to access information available to premium users, you will only need to provide your Email address and Full Name. If you are being enrolled as a premium User, as mentioned in the enrollment form on our website needs to be filled up. The form will be as per the guidelines of the concerned authorities and may change from time to time based on directives issued by the authorities. Personal information collected and held by us may include your name, father’s name, spouse’s name, date of birth, current and previous addresses, email address, occupation and information contained in the documents used as proof of identity. Janakpurcity.com will collect, store, process sensitive personal information such as password, financial information (including details of bank account details), and physiological information for providing our products, services via website and for use of our website for the purpose of delivering services in a timely and orderly manner. We may also hold information related to your utilization of our services by the use of our website, or agent which may include following: User mobile information / Gallery Photo This information is used to obtain a locally stored image of the logged in user to be set as Profile Picture within website. Network State and Internet Access The application connects to a dedicated API to complete transactions services provided within. It uses these permissions to check if there is any connection to internet as well as to connect to the internet if not connected. Read Contact The application accesses user’s email contacts to select an email so that the email address of contact could be populated in the website using which user can choose to make invite others with ease instead of tying the phone number every time they want to make a transaction. User email is able to send and received email through user’s device to forward email request and confirm status respectively whenever there is no internet available. The user bears no sent charge based on the tariff of network provider. Receiving and sending email is free of cost to the user. Information usage/ what do we use customer’s information for? The information that we collect from you are used in order to;

    Verify your identity

    Complete queries effectively as per your request

    Communicate about changes to our services

    Respond to your queries in relation