Don't miss these places in Janakpur
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Don’t miss these places in Janakpur

Hey! are you still confused where should you go in Janakpur just like many of us? Here are the top 5 list which you should not miss at all on this Visit Nepal 2020. Don’t miss these places in Janakpur.

  1. Janaki Mandir

Janaki Mandir is one of the biggest religious places in Nepal. The birth place of Goddess Sita, is one of the most attraction destination for Hindu devotes as well as for other tourists.

It is also known as “Nau Lakha Temple” during its period it took 9 lakh rupees to build the whole temple and scenario. This is the temple which holds religious and historical significance value and one must visit the temple on your life time.

So, are you a spiritual personality?

Yes, but you have not stepped on this divine land yet. Get ultimate spiritual experience while roaming around the temple of Janaki aka goddess sita. Why visit janaki temple? Because you are about to have a lifetime experience, so get your bags packed and book your tickets already.

Lear More about Janaki Temple

  1. Ram Mandir, Janakpur
Don't miss these places in Janakpur
Ram Mandir

Ram Mandir is one of the oldest temples in Janakpur which is built in pagoda style. Temple of Lord Ram, is a perfect attraction for those interested in exploring ancient cultures and experiencing its divine vibe. If you are visiting Janakpur don’t miss these places in Janakpur, Ram Mandir is one of them.

  1. Rolwaling Valley
Don't miss these places in Janakpur
Tough Trek Trails Over Rolwaling Valley

One of the toughest trekking trails of Nepal, Rolwaling valley has an abundance of alpine lakes, hanging glaciers, moraines, high pastures, waterfalls and imminent view of snowy peaks.

Rolwaling Valley, which lies between Everest and Langtang Himalaya ranges, is a home to many endangered and globally threatened animals. Are you a hiking freak and looking for some rough-tough trek experience? We recommend Rolwaling trek trails for your ultimate lifetime experience.

Get an opportunity to enjoy the victory over the hardship and get embraced with abundant nature experience. So what are you waiting for?

GO! dive in the nature because nature calls and you have so many things to explore into the wild.

  1. Jaleshwar
Don't miss these places in Janakpur
Jaleshwar Temple Janakpur

Jaleshwar, a small municipality in Nepal, is a historical site having cultural attraction, parks and beaches.

  1. Ram Sita Vivah Mandap
Don't miss these places in Janakpur
The place where ram and sita got married in ancient dwapara days
Ram Sita Vivah Mandap is a place where Ram and Sita got married.

The mandap is a gorgeous structure which is made of marbles where thousands of visitors visit on Vivah Panchami so that they could witness the divine celebration of the day when Ram and Sita got married.